After you register interest we email you with details of the start dates (confirmed and indicative) for groups that match your preferences.
If you don’t have any of industry sector, country and no competitor preferences, you will be soon able to start almost immediately . If you did specify these preferences the lead time is up to four months. And if you help us to cut the lead time by inviting others to join you can end-up with a free six or twelve month subscription.
Between ten and twenty members. A member is a company or organisation. These numbers support meaningful benchmarking and collaborative and personalised learning.
1. When you sign up for an account you nominate managers to attend the Accreditation Lab. (AL)
Trainees are BLISS Green Belts. After accreditation there are Blue, Red, Black and Silver grades.
2. We give you start and finish dates for your two month benchmark group/project
3. Facilitators get AL program details and choose their preferred session dates and times.
4. Online AL sessions start before your assessment, equipping your Green Belt facilitators.
5. You then have three weeks to login to your BLISS account and complete your assessment
6. You receive your BLISS Report within a fortnight of completing your assessment.
You can see it seconds after you finish your assessment but managers gain more when they have time to reflect (sleep on) on discussion and debate that takes place during assessment sessions.
7. The remaining AL sessions take place after your assessment and during the project period, equipping your facilitators to lead or support the next steps, your action-planning process.
With your baseline measures, benchmarks and new learning networks established you can move ahead at your preferred pace. When you’ve set implementation and improvement timelines and targets you can monitor your progress online. We continue to moderate and support collaborative learning and recommend a second assessment, with either the same or a different group of managers and other employees, within six months.
An annual licence gives your company up to six assessments. We recommend two, one completed individually by the CEO and one completed by the leadership team, during the initial benchmark project period. With this approach it’s best for the CEO to complete their assessment first, and then to participate in the team session. The options and benefits of using more assessment sessions are covered during the Accreditation process.
Your success is our success! Combining lessons from years of experience, research the best designs for services that strengthen start-ups and SMEs, and the latest digital technology we’ve designed a package that delivers outstanding value. Benchmarking and collaborative action learning are critical parts of the BLISS.

If you still don’t want to join a benchmark group, there is another option. Email for details.

There are many benefits. You can become a project partner, promoting a single project to your members or a strategic partner, with a long term relationship. Our assessments have also be used by government in programs for SMEs. Email us for details.
Reports are tailored for company size and objectives. The core elements are:
– an introduction to the BLISS measurement model
– your scores, expressed simply as percentages, on 12 capabilities, giving you
– a holistic snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of your business
– guidelines for interpreting your scores and profile
– your position relative to others in the benchmark group
– your position relative to the highest score for your industry in the benchmark database
– a summary of the strengths of your business/organisation
– recommendations and priorities for improving performance
– recommendations for your journey to good, better and best innovation management
The BLISS ET Profile is for people who see themselves as entrepreneurs and who have high growth ambitions. If this is you the fifteen page ET Profile Report will profile how well you manage five fundamental elements – relationships, resources, risks, directions and renewal. It also has a wealth of tailored advice. The unique ET model is the work of brilliant marketing, strategy and entrepreneur adviser, Dr Colin Benjamin OAM.
– The BLISS model, assessment instrument and process, and the underlying science
– The tasks and skills for facilitating BLISS sessions and follow-up action
– A look at what innovation, innovation management and strategic innovation management is
– A review of methodologies for launching and accelerating innovation that works
– Case studies, DIY tests and quizzes, webinars, moderated discussion/debate
– Support, e.g. answers to questions, as you lead/facilitate your first BLISS benchmark process
The best Green Belts are Leaders and managers who are recognised for having facilitation skills, and who have a genuine interest in, if not a passion for, innovation. Exposure to strategy work is an advantage and change management, especially successful change management is a big advantage. Sometimes employees or advisers who are not part of the leadership team will be the best choice.
BLISS licences entitles two from you company or organisation to attend; and we recommend at least two, unless you are a start-up with less than seven staff.
You gain Level I accreditation and move from a Green Belt to a Blue Belt when you have attended all scheduled sessions and completed written assignments within the benchmark project period.

You can be awarded a Red Belt within six months when your organisation completes its second assessment and/or when your company has met initial capability building targets and credits your contribution facilitating or implementing the work. Given the vagaries of company leadership and life we will consider awarding Red Belts even if targets are not achieved. We are finalising criteria for awarding Black and the highest, Sliver, grades.

We certainly want to. Please email: and you will soon have your answer.

Fifteen years after our first assessments went online, and seven years after the last major upgrade we are building a new Platform supporting our next generation of products and services, with significantly better UX. The new build is scheduled to go live within two months.